Landscape Design & Planting

    At VersaScape, we understand that beautiful landscaping can be one of the greatest invesments in your property. Between trees, shrubs, and flowers, there is a wide variety of options when it comes to creating planted beds. We can provide you with a detailed design and plan that is tailored to your dreams and budget! Want low maintenance options? We can help! Just ask us about stone vs. mulch!

    Landscape Design & Planting Services

    Whether you are looking to add some color to your front yard or walkway, or are brightening up your storefront, Versascape can help. We will choose the correct plants for your space, taking into consideration elements such as soil and sunlight, in addition to properly planting your selected trees, shrubs, and flowers.

    Our Landscape Design & Planting services, include:

    • Designing beautiful landscaping that fits your property
    • Recommending the perfect shrubs, trees, and flowers
    • Design and create new landscaped beds for home and curb
    • Handle all plantings and arrangements
    • Incorporating landscapes with hardscapes

    Questions & Answers

    We understand that you may need a little inspiration getting started on designing your outdoor living space. Our professional Landscape Designers will meet with you to create a detailed master plan that will be both uniquely beautiful and extremely functional.

    Absolutely! Well-designed plantings will soften a landscape and add beauty and architecture throughout every season of the year. Our Landscape Designers are all trained in Horticulture as well as design, so you can be assured of having the right plant for the right spot…all year long.

    Yes! You can rely on Versascape to liven up your landscape throughout the year. Our Landscaping and Gardening Experts can help select and plant Annual Colors to brighten up your yard or business property. Eye-catching colors not only make you happy and are pleasing to look at, they also add massive curb appeal. We can help you select the right plants for seasonal growth, and the colors and color combinations that you want.

    To maximize colors in-season, flowers can be changed out multiple times throughout the seasons. There are several varieties that grow well in our upstate New York climate and we’ll take care of the work so you don’t have to! Contact us to learn more!